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Rodent & Pest Prevention Contracts

At Bailey pest control, we deliver tailor-made Rodent Prevention Contracts to suit your everyday needs as a business. We offer round the clock prevention to protect premises such as public houses, hotels, restaurants, shops, small holdings and grain farms. Pest prevention contracts are flexible, can cover any range of pest infestation for any period of time and can be set up for any type of premise. We cover all areas in East and West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas.

We carry out a comprehensive pest control contract that covers preventative measures, management reporting procedures, accountability and a documentation system of measures that provide appropriate evidence for the defence of ’due diligence’ against prosecution and its consequences.

Bailey pest control provides protection from the risks of pest–borne contamination and damage by pests. We ensure that you have no infestation problems – and that you stay that way.

Why are Pest Control Contracts Important?

The law requires that food premises are designed to prevent pest access and harbourage and that, where necessary, screening is provided to prevent a risk of infestation and/or contamination. Adequate procedures must be in place to ensure pests are controlled or eradicated.

Contamination – rodents, birds and insects contaminate food, equipment and working surfaces and many pests carry viruses, bacteria, spores or parasites.

Damage – Rats and mice can start serious fires by gnawing electrical wiring and create floods by chewing through pipes. Insect infestation may cause the contamination of packaged goods, thus calling for a recall of all products from the shops.

Loss of business – Prosecutions and fines for pest-infested premises can hit the headlines. Reports are made in local press as it sells papers. These headlines can lead to loss of business and can sometimes lead to closure. Caution: a pest infestation may lead to the premises being closed due to the “imminent risk to health” of the public.


The Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 1995 insist food premises are kept free from pests. Failure to keep your premises pest free can result in closure and penalties of up to a £20,000 fine for each offence or up to six months in prison for serious breaches.

Type and frequency of visits

Inspection and service will take place during pest control visits to the premises. Visits will be of three types and conditions should be developed covering each, including frequency and type of visits covered by the set price.

Routine inspection 

Pre-arranged number of regular pest inspections. In restaurants and hotels, the frequency of visits will be between 6-8 weekly visits.

Emergency call out

We make special arrangements between the client and ourselves to respond to an emergency within one hour.

Follow-up visits

Additional visits may be required to reinforce control measures.

What can you expect from us?

  • Initial surveys are carried out free of charge and the pest control service agreement is based on the client’s needs.
  • Use of safe baiting systems in accordance with Health and Safety Risk, Assessment and COSHH
  • Recording system and documentation to meet the requirements of the Environmental Health officer’s inspections.